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Product Care

Solid hardwood products add a level of beauty, value and durability second to none. With proper care, the good looks of solid hardwood products can last a lifetime. 

Food-grade Products:

How to care for your cutting board.

Simply rinse, wipe or wash after use, with warm soapy water. Make sure you dry the board properly, putting it away wet will cause the wood to warp or crack. Stand on edge to dry in order to prevent wood warping. 

Important: Never soak or put product in the dishwasher!

All our food contact products are coated with 2 coats of food safe, non-toxic mineral oil and wax before leaving our workshop.  Re-oil your board as necessary or once per month.

Our cutting boards are crafted from the highest quality hardwood. It provides incredible durability and unlike plastic cutting boards, contains antibacterial properties.

Non-Food Products:

To help ensure that your wood product maintains a beautiful appearance and long lifetime, follow the Instructions bellow, regarding care and maintenance.


Wood may expand and shrink with differences in temperature and humidity. Keep all wooden products at least one meter away from a direct source of heat (heaters, radiators, fireplaces etc.).

Direct exposure of wooden products to prolonged sunlight may lead to loss of the original colour and/or deformations.

Cleaning can be carried out with a dry, lint-free cloth from cotton or other material. We do not recommend microfiber cloths. Alternatively, cleaning can be carried out with a damp cloth with water, then dryed it with a lint-free cloth.

During day-to-day use, the oil layer gets wiped off or absorbed by the wood. In order to maintain the original color, oil should be reapplied every two to three months. Simply use a cloth and rub mineral oil by following the natural grain.

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